I wanted to do something very different with Toilette. I’ve never really delved into comedy, but I wanted to attempt telling a very visual story in a new genre for me. The film is very deliberately devoid of dialogue, to keep the viewer focused on what they’re seeing and what the protagonist is doing and feeling.

Toilette was filmed in a little under six hours. We had the location for a short time, so everything had to be fast. We’d already shot everything once, the original shoot for Toilette went well enough, but after editing the footage I wasn’t happy with the end result so we went in and shot again. This time however, I shot with Magic Lantern’s Raw Module on the 5D Mark III. It was risky and pretty reckless, but I knew the drawbacks. For one, a 128GB card wouldn’t last the entire shoot, so offloading was essential, which slowed things down a lot.

Another consideration is using an unofficial firmware add-on that’s only in Alpha testing is a huge risk, bugs or the camera freezing up entirely are possible, though I have found ML on the 5D to be very stable and robust for the most part. As far as ML software issues we had none on Toilette.